Mulato Conditioner Ash / Cendreur 200ml

Mulato Conditioner Ash / Cendreur 200ml

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Mulato care Ash brings a subtle ash shade to your natural or colored hair. It eliminates yellow and orange highlights, matte finish, brings a cold shade. It naturally colors without changing the chemical structure of the hair. It adds shine.

The repigmentant conditioner Mulato Ash is ammonia-free, paraben-free, hydrogen peroxide, without silicones, 96% of natural origin. Formulated and manufactured in France.

Main active ingredients:

Shea butter: moisturises and protects the hair from drying out
Mica: natural mineral that promotes shine and provides sun protection.
Sunflower oil: rich in vitamin E and F
Beta carotene, mashed blackberries, and cherries.

How to use:

Apply evenly on hair washed and dried. Use gloves. Leave for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. An application provides about 3 weeks of reflection. Gradually fades after shampoos.