Silver and Grey luxury hair set
Silver and Grey luxury hair set
Silver and Grey luxury hair set

Silver and Grey luxury hair set

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Luxury hair set for silver or grey hair to keep hair strong, soft, and illuminated. Whether you are naturally grey, or dyed silver, use yūbi blonde glow revealing shampoo every time you shampoo your hair and use yūbi blonde anti-brass purple balm once per week to neutralize any unwanted yellow tones and keep hair looking bright.

your routine includes:

  • yubi blonde glow revealing shampoo:
      Glow revealing shampoo for highlighted blondes. infused with Japanese white peony, gently cleanses while conditioning hair with a natural glow & lavish touch.

    - removes impurities from hair

    - gently cleanses while conditioning

    - reveals hair with a glowing finish & lavish touch

  • yubi blonde anti-brass purple balm:
      anti-brass purple hair mask enriched with cool violet pigment, an exclusive Japanese technology, to neutralize brassiness and unwanted yellow tones and infused with Japanese white peony to restore nourishment and bring smoothness to the hair with a natural glowing finish and lavish touch

    - neutralizes unwanted brassiness and yellow tones for a pure cool blonde result

    - nourishes the hair

    - smooths the hair